Yorkstone Paving paths at Croydon Crematorium

Why have a Yorkstone Paving Memorial?

The paths around the Gardens of Remembrance, including our walled garden, are paved with slabs.

These slabs can be lifted and replaced with Yorkstone paving bearing an inscription of your choice. A badge, crest or floral emblem can also be inscribed onto the memorial; prices for these are available on request. Cremated remains may be loosely laid beneath the inscribed Yorkstone.

Yorkstone Paving Slabs are supplied for an initial dedication period of 15 years.

Order process

If you wish to purchase this type of memorial, please complete the order form.

The fee paid includes an inscription of up to 60 characters for a 2’x2’ stone or 80 characters for a 3’x2’ stone. Inscriptions of more than 60 or 80 letters incur a further charge for each extra letter. Please refer to the enclosed price list for current fees.

Note: Ownership of this memorial will be registered to the person who has ordered the Yorkstone Paving slab (as named on order form). No further inscription will be permitted without the written consent of the owner.

Download the Yorkstone Paving Memorial application form [PDF / 305 KB]


From 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019

Yorkstone Paving Memorial

Yorkstone Paving Memorial –£
Yorkstone Paving Memorial –£
Yorkstone Paving Memorial –£

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