Memorial Trees & Shrubs

Why have a Memorial Tree or Shrub?

Memorial Trees and Shrubs have been planted in the Gardens of Remembrance at the crematorium. There are several varieties and some of these are available to lease for memorial purposes.

Cremated remains may be laid to rest at the tree in accordance with regulations in force at the time, however families do need to be aware that other cremated remains may have previously been laid to rest at the tree memorial, and on occasion, unrelated cut flowers or wreaths may be placed here; these will be cleared by grounds staff when they have perished.

Cremated remains are not permitted to be laid at shrubs.

Dedications are for an initial period of seven years.

Two sizes of tablets are available, 12”x 12” or 18”x 12”. Either one 18”x 12” tablet or up to two 12”x 12” tablets are permitted at each tree or shrub. Please note that inscriptions cannot be added to an existing tablet.

Tablets are made of Black Granite and the price includes up to 8-lines of inscription. In addition to the inscription, a motif can also be incorporated for an extra charge. There are various motif designs available but if a detailed motif is required or individually designed, a bespoke price will be obtained from the Mason. Artistic license is given to the Mason to design or alter the layout if necessary. Each tablet is made individually to a very high standard and withstands varying weather conditions exceptionally well.

In addition, you will be provided with a plastic trough and a flower container. Both of these items will be sunk in the ground and placed at the rear of your loved one’s tablet. The trough can be decorated with plants artificial flowers and memorabilia. Flower containers are to contain flowers only please.

Order process

If you wish to purchase this type of memorial, please complete the order form.

Download the Memorial Trees & Shrubs application form [PDF / 414 KB]


From 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020

Memorial Trees and Shrubs

Memorial Trees – Including 12”x 12” black granite memorial tablet£1,729
Memorial Trees – Including 18”x 12” black granite memorial tablet£1,902
Memorial Trees – Renewal for 7 Years£954
Memorial Trees – Renewal for 1 Year£173
Memorial Shrub – Including 12”x 12” black granite memorial tablet£1,780
Memorial Shrub – Renewal for 7 Years£1000
Memorial Shrub – Renewal for 1 Year£182

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